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The Shang Jyi Shyang Enterprise Company, Limited, has been conducting business since 1996 founded on a philosophy of working with the utmost efficiency, producing an excellent quality of service to our clients and encouraging continuous innovation within our workforce.

The company. located in Kuei-Jen Hsiang, Tainan County, has built up a reputation of being a most reputable industrial distributor in Taiwan. We supply the Total-Solution Handling System to the Plastic Injection Industry as well as providing services to the Pharmacy Industry, the Food Processing Industry and the Electronic Gadget Assembly Industry. Not only do we manufacture conveyor units for various applications, we also offer Whole Plant Handling and Conveyor project designs, which are aimed at enhancing automation productions of Handling Operations. Such projects not only help to increase a company’s production efficiency whilst simultaneously lowering the cost of labour, but also allow further upgrades of product quality.

To date, both our conveyor units and Whole Plant projects have been installed and implemented not only in Taiwan, but also serve a broader international market. Our exports are currently in demand in many Asian countries, including Mainland China, India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines. Further afield, we also provide our services to New Zealand, Australia and Poland. We believe that the growing number of repeated from our clients best reflects the powerful evidence of our excellent quality, punctual delivery and highly performed installation and commission services.

Having taken into account the growing volatility of the global economic environment, SJS has pledged itself to a deeper focus on the orientation of problem solving, and thrives on continuous R&D in order to develop future products. In addition, we believe that our highly sophisticated material flow concept allows us to continue meeting our customers’ great demand of requirements with efficiency, flexibility and an inherent automation enabling us to modernize our manufacturing and storage operations.

Our tailor-made handling systems are further advanced by our customers’ own design ideas and specifications. For further information, or to contact us directly, please e-mail us at

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